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Hiring a Babysitter: Responsibilities & Interview Questions

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Hiring a babysitter is a big deal! We know you want to find someone who will not only take care of your precious little ones but also become an integral part of your family. That's why asking the right questions during the babysitter interview process is crucial.

In this blog, we'll walk you through some key questions to ask prospective babysitters. Whether you're a busy working parent or just need a helping hand, these conversational questions will help you find the perfect caregiver for your children. Let's dive in!

babysitter is playing with a baby

There are a variety of different babysitter responsibilities you may want to consider before the interview: What are your expectations? The compensation will depend on your requirements, the babysitter's experience, and training. Below are a few considerations you may want to make.

  • Ability to engage with the children: A good babysitter should have the ability to connect with the children both emotionally and socially. They should have excellent communication skills that enable them to listen to the children, understand their needs, and engage them in activities that are both fun and educational.

  • Safety consciousness: The safety of the child should always be the top priority of a babysitter. They should be trained to respond to emergencies such as accidents, illnesses, and natural disasters promptly. A good babysitter should also have basic first-aid skills and knowledge of CPR.

  • Reliability and accountability: Punctuality is a must, as well as being dependable and accountable. Parents entrust their children to babysitters, and it is essential that they can rely on them to show up on time and fulfill their responsibilities. A good babysitter should also be responsible for cleaning up any messes made by the children while in their care.

  • Patience and understanding: Children have unique personalities, temperaments, and needs. A good babysitter should have the patience, empathy, and understanding to navigate through these differences. They should also be aware of each child's developmental stage and be able to match their activities and conversations accordingly.

  • Excellent decision-making skills: A good babysitter should be equipped with excellent decision-making skills that enable them to make sound judgments in challenging situations. They should be able to think quickly, assess risks, and act appropriately to ensure the safety and well-being of the child.

Discover the secrets to interviewing the perfect babysitter for your family. Gain valuable insights and essential tips to ensure a successful selection process.


Tip #1 - Tell Me About Your Childcare Experience

  • Please tell me about your experience as a babysitter.

  • Have you worked with other families before?

  • How long did you stay with each family, and what ages were the children?

  • We'd love to know more about your background and expertise.

  • Do you have any education in the early childhood field

  • Do you hold a CPR first-aid certificate from the Red Cross or another approved provider?

These questions will allow you to check on the background and understand the experience a babysitter has. Simple questions like these provide a foundational understanding of whether the person will be a good fit for the role.

Tip #2 - What Are Your Childcare Philosophy and Values?

Every family has its own approach to raising children, and every family would like to keep that approach.

  • What's your childcare philosophy?

  • How do you handle discipline, education, and creating a loving environment?

It's important for parents to find a babysitter whose values align with theirs - asking those questions should be a priority.

Tip #3 - How Do You Handle Challenging Situations?

Let's face it: kids can be challenging at times. Therefore, as a parent, you should definitely ask the following questions:

  • How do you handle those tough moments?

  • Can you give us an example of how you've dealt with tantrums or conflicts between children?

Tip #4 - Can You Provide References?

References are important - they can give you insight from the “other” perspective. You can ask the following during the interview to find out more about experiences other families had with the babysitter.

  • We'd love to hear from families you've worked with before.

  • Could you please provide some references?

Talking to previous employers will help you understand the babysitter's strengths, areas for growth and overall reliability.

Tip #5 - What Activities or Routines Would You Plan for My Child?

Every parent wants the best for their kids. Therefore, ensuring the child is engaged in activities that help him/her grow and develop is very important. When hiring a babysitter, it is good to find out what activities will be included in the schedule and see if the child and the parent agree with those.

  • We want our child to have a fun and enriching experience. What kinds of activities or routines would you plan for them? How do you adapt these activities based on their age and interests? Let's make sure they're engaged and excited!

Tip #6 - Discuss the responsibilities, schedule & compensation aspects.

Ensure that you provide all necessary scheduling information to your babysitter, including arrival and departure times and any potential late stays due to your busy schedule. Moreover, be transparent about the frequency and duration you will need a babysitter.

Compensation is an important aspect to consider, and it's essential to offer a fair and transparent rate based on the going rate in your area. You may also want to provide additional benefits such as gas money or meals. A successful babysitting arrangement requires a bit of communication, which fosters a positive experience for both you and your babysitter

Additional questions you might ask/wonder about: Are You Willing to Assist with Light Housekeeping or Meal Preparation? In addition to childcare, parents could use some help around the house. Questions you, as a parent, may consider asking:

  • Are you open to assisting with light housekeeping or meal preparation? We'd love to know if this is something you're comfortable with.

Interviewing potential babysitters is an important step in finding the perfect caregiver for your child. By asking these conversational questions, you'll gain insight into their experience, values, and approach to childcare. Check out the iProWide app to find the best babysitter in your area. The app allows you to see reviews and information about the babysitter right away. You can also choose a specific location on the map and find the babysitter close to your house/neighborhood. Remember, finding the right babysitter takes time and open communication. Good luck in your search for the perfect fit for your family!



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