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Our Story: why, who, and when

Helping Hands

We are a startup company located in the DMV area with headquarters in Rockville, Maryland.

When the pandemic began, a few people in our close circle lost their jobs and were frightened of being unable to pay the bills. Then we realized how fragile financial stability could be when it depends on a single employer. Yes, there are some ways to make a few extra bucks, but no place where anyone can make money by doing what they want and when they want while posting free advertisements of their skill & talent. 

On the other hand, we realized how tired people are of being put on hold when calling prospective service Pros, waiting for an available appointment, or searching through tons of social media posts to find qualified professional help. 

And what if service is needed now? Right now? 

Market research suggested that society is desperate for a solution that can supply the community with a live map with service requests and services available on the market today.

That's how we decided to develop an evolutional marketplace to connect service requesters and service providers. In one App. On a live map. 

What can be easier than that?

Well... it took us almost two years from an idea standpoint to a production release. We hope you enjoy it. If you have any suggestions, comments, concerns, or questions, please get in touch with us at

We don't have any sponsors or investors, and we genuinely appreciate your support. 

iProWide Team

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