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Get Hired on iProWide: Use Tags!

Updated: Feb 17

Tags are probably the most important functionality you must know about when using the iProWide mobile app. To get hired, use Tags!

What are Tags? Tags are keywords that describe your services. For example, a babysitter may be using the following Tags: "babysitter", "nanny", "CPR", "childcare", "ASAP", etc.
 Why Use Tags? Well, the simple answer is that they make it easier for your customers (also known as Service Requesters) to find you. Tags are essential for connecting Service Providers like yourself with those looking for assistance.

 By optimizing your tags, you significantly increase your chances of being hired.

 Welcome, fellow Service Providers in the DMV area! Are you looking to increase your chances of being discovered on iProWide? This article will guide you through the right steps with proven success from hundreds of other professionals. Let's dive in and boost your visibility together!

Service Provider: There are two places for your Tags in iProWide:

  • Service Provider's User Profile.

Follow the steps below to add/update your profile Tags if you are already registered as a Service Provider.

Add Tags to your User Profile on iProWide

  • Service Provider's Ads.

When creating a new Ad, make sure to add applicable Tags so that a Service Requester can easily find you on the live map.

Add Tags to Ads on iProWide

Can I add my own Tags? - Yes! When adding Tags, choose from already available Tags presented on the screen or enter new Tags. See below:
How to add Tags on iProWide


Use Tags as much as possible because the Tags capability will help you get found and hired on the iProWide platform. If you are already a registered User, you can update your Profile and add/update/delete Profile Tags. In addition, make sure to set up your Ad(s) Tags so that you are one of those easy to find on the Live Map.

If you have any other questions regarding how the application works, don't hesitate to reach out to us at


iProWide Team

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